By Mike Rush

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - It's not uncommon to see people getting on and off a bus, but it sure turned heads when it happened on a bus sitting idle in a St. Louis neighborhood for a few weeks.

On the road or in front of a school, sure, but a school bus sitting idle in a neighborhood. Well, that makes Robert Byrd wonder.

"I was just wanting to know what's going on with the bus sitting there, it's kind of odd. It's just kind of odd," said Byrd who lives on Westminster Place in the Central West End.

One of Robert's neighbors thought so too. She believes people are living in the bus, so she contacted 5 on Your Side.

To find out, 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush visited the bus parked behind a house on Westminster Place.

When he knocked on the door of the bus, at least one woman and man were inside. The man answered.

Rush: "I'm just trying to find out, are you guys living on this bus?"

Guy: "No, no it's a kitchen. We just share food out of it for free."

Rush: "Where do you live then, if you don't live..."

Guy: "You know, we live here and there, you know. We stay at the house. You know, we do what we do, you know."

Not real clear about what Rush heard, he asked the man who says he owns the house and the property the bus is parked on.

"There's nobody living in the bus. It's just a support vehicle," said Tom Braford.

Braford says people from all over the country, environmental activists, are participating in workshops in his house relating to the protest of coal.

He believes there's no violation because he owns the property, welcomes the bus and he says it hasn't been her long.

Braford: "Four or five days. It'll be gone in a day or two."

Rush: "Four or five days? Because the person who called said it's been here for a couple of weeks or so."

Guy: "Hum, it could have been. You know, the time, time does fly."

But does Braford's story fly about this prolonged bus stop falling within code? Rush checked with the City of St. Louis.

"It certainly is a zoning violation," said Deputy Building Commissioner Frank Oswald. And there are a few more.

"You certainly are probably in violation of our electrical code because I believe there was an electrical wire running from the house, probably three or four different property violations," said Oswald.

The city visited and gave the group a few days to remove the bus or it would be condemned. When Rush went back, it was gone.

Rush never could get a straight answer on who owns the bus. Braford claimed it belonged to everyone, but nobody in particular.