St. Louis, Mo. (KSDK) -- The Lady Gaga North American concert tour is attracting its share of dedicated fans who characterize themselves as alternative. Gaga's Born This Way Foundation is working to make sure those same young people realize their value and their worth.

The Born This Way Bus Tour stopped outside Scottrade Center a few hours before show time Saturday evening. The initiative is characterized as an interactive tailgate experience that follows Lady Gaga's tour mid-January through March.

The tour provides a safe space for young people to connect on-line with on-site, local community resources including behavioral and mental health services, school psychologists, volunteer opportunities, and bullying and suicide prevention resources.

A man who identified himself as Breedlove serves as the ambassador of Gaga's foundation.

"Her music has attracted people who are similar in their background; who never quite felt like they fit in someplace, in school or in their own homes or communities," said Breedlove. "You don't necessarily have to grow up and shop at The Gap, you know? You can have an interesting style. You can be bullied as a youth and grow up and be really proud of who you are and have a lot of confidence out in the world and make a great life for yourself."

At that time a Gaga fan wearing a silver hat that looked like it belongs on the top of a monument somewhere walked into the vehicle where Breedlove holds court.

"Oh, hello brother," said Breedlove. "Welcome. I was just talking about your hat. Do you want to sign the wall?"

Dr. Susan Swearer serves as advisory board chair for the Born This Way Foundation.

"One goal of Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia, is to de-stigmatize getting help. We want all kids to have skills, safety and opportunities," said Swearer, who is also a professor of school psychology at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. "And so this is an opportunity for youth to connect with resources in their local communities, like National Association of School Psychologist, National Council for Behavioral Healthcare."

Swearer said on this concert tour, alone, the Born This Way Foundation has helped more than 4,000 Gaga fans get connected to mental health or support resources. They average between 250 and 600 people, per city.

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