ST. LOUIS(KSDK) -- It could be four months before we know whether the man gunned down by police over the weekend was drunk. As investigators await toxicology results, the 32-year-old's family is speaking for the very first time about the incident at St Louis' annual Mardi Gras celebration.

"What did happen at the time of his death," that's the question, according to Otis Roberson's cousin, Flordia Murray, that relatives keep asking. "It was horrible because I could not see him doing anything to get killed like that."

But according to witnesses, it was around 2:30 PM Saturday when Roberson got involved in a fight along Barton between 9th and 10th in the Soulard neighborhood. Some say adozen others jumped in, Roberson was dragged out. That's when they say he grabbed his gun and fired a shot in the air. Two officers in a golf cart showed up, and they ordered him to put the weapon down. Police say he didn't and pointed it in their direction. That's when they fired at him.

"I'm not mad with the police. I have nothing against the police because, right now, the way that children are doing, it's terrible, and I know they are scared," Murray said. "Nobody was arrested, nobody has been charged, who was he fighting with?"

"And I don't know why he even had a gun," she went on to say. "Maybe he's afraid 'cause he's disabled."

Murray said he was on oxygen almost 24 hours a day and barely drank.

"He was the one that never got in any trouble," she said. "Out of all the brothers, he never got in any trouble."

She went on to say Roberson was a dedicated father of two to a 14-year-old, who lived with his mother, as well as a six-year-old, who lived with him.

"He was a lot of fun," Murray added. "He laughed a lot and he loved a lot. He was a good person."

St. Louis Metro Police wouldn't answer any of those questions Monday because, they said, the investigation is ongoing.

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