EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (KSDK) - Police are looking for a missing gun and ammunition that accidentally fell from a pickup truck.

Madison County, Illinois sheriff's deputies say the owner lost the weapon and ammo driving to Edwardsville Sunday morning.

Deputies and the owner of the gun searched alongside highways and in residential areas both Sunday night and Monday morning for the 9 millimeter handgun and ammo. Their search came up short and police are now asking for the public's help.

"I am more fearful for kids that would get it," said Christine Kelly-Cox, resident of Holiday Shores.

Police too are worried and the Madison County Sheriff's Department wants residents near Edwardsville to keep their eye out for a black backpack. Inside the bag is a 9 milimeter pistol and magazine with bullets.

Captain Will Dimitroff says the call came in Sunday night from a gun owner who says he lost his gun and ammo from the bed of his pickup.

"There was a hard cover on top of the pickup truck which ultimately should have secured it in there however, the tailgate came open while he was traveling," said Captian Dimitroff.

The owner of the gun drove about 10 miles from his home in Holiday Shores to a church function in Edwardsville, when he got to his destination he learned the gun and ammo in the backpack had fallen out.

"Very rarely do we have a situation where somebody leaves their backpack in the back of the pickup truck, flies out onto the roadway," said Capt. Dimitroff.

He says normally when guns go missing, they are stolen and not just go missing.

Now the fear is the gun will get into the hands of the wrong person either a criminal or a kid.

"I am more concerned with getting a kid getting it, something accidentally happening," said resident Pam Bechel.

"Between here and Edwardsville, there are numerous bus stops," said Kelly-Cox.

"I feel bad for him, a lot of people wouldn't have contacted the cops because it's embarrassing," said Bechel.

The owner did provide the police with the serial number of the pistol to better track it.

The owner is not facing any criminal charges.

If you have any information about this case, concact your local police.

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