ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Knowing the ins and outs of your preferred stores is essential to maximizing your savings. Here's a breakdown of the top savings opportunities at Schnucks.

1. Schnucks weekly circular - Schnucks' weekly circular comes out once a week. It's the best place to find what items are on sale that week. It's updated online Sunday nights. A great way to plan your couponing is to grab your coupon inserts from Sunday's paper and log onto your computer and check out the free printable coupons available. Remember the goal is to use coupons on sale items for the biggest discount!

(Occasionally Schnucks runs super double coupon and triple coupon events, so make sure you check the circular to not miss them!)

This week Schnucks is tripling coupons up to $.75 in value through Sunday. Big time savings opportunity!

2. Schnucks coupon policy - Schnucks doubles coupons up to 40 cents every day. They only double the first 15 though, so you may want to make two trips in a week if you have more than 15 coupons to use that week. Once all of your items have been rung up simply hand your coupons to the clerk and watch the savings add up. And for the remainder of this week, Schnucks will actually triple your coupons up to 75 cents in value. But like the doubling offer, Schnucks will only triple the value of the first 15 coupons. Still: tremendous value!

3. Pharmacy counter - Schnucks offers FREE prenatal with a prescription, as well as FREE general oral antibiotics. They also have a program that offers certain prescriptions at just $4 for a 30 day supply, and $10 for a 90 day supply. Grab your list of medications and run it by your Schnucks pharmacist to see what items your family might be able to save on!

4. Wednesday wows - 'Like' Schnucks on Facebook and every Wednesday you will be able to print their exclusive Wednesday Wows coupons.

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