CINCINNATI, Ohio (WKRC) - Carrying signs and chanting "Bring Moroski back," a small group of Ohio students are demanding the return of their fired assistant principal.

Michael Moroski was dismissed Monday from Purcell Marian, a Catholic high school in Cincinnati. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati placed Moroski on administrative leave last week after he wrote about his support for gay rights on his personal blog.

Moroski disagrees with the archdiocese.

"I never said anywhere in the post I think the church is wrong. I never in that post really, directly addressed and said I support gay marriage. I said I believe gay people should be allowed to be married. What I would like to see from the archdiocese more respect and openness to the wisdom from the people in the pews," said Moroski.

He says the school offered to keep him on until June, if he agreed to sign papers taking back his earlier statements.

He refused.

The Catholic Church opposes same sex-marriage.

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