By Jennifer Blome

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - We've been talking secrets of real estate this week. So far we've touched ontips for sellers and the best way to find an agent.

Now we take on mistakes that can prevent you from getting your dream home.

Buying a home requires professional help. You have to do your homework, find the right agent, get pre-approved with a qualified lender, figure out what you can afford, and all that before you even look at a house.

Then the real fun begins.

Real estate experts suggest you make a list of exactly what you want. Your must-haves should obviously include the location and the number of bedrooms and baths, but you'll also want to consider if you'll want a house that's older, or one that been built more recently.

Of course, you'll also need to create a price range that's realistic.

After you make this list, realtor Kelly Hager says stick with it.

"The top mistake a buyer makes is they go to a house, they fall in love with the first house, and then they want to go look at 30 other houses and then they lose the first house. And then they compare everything to that first house and that's a problem. They can't get over that first house and making low-ball offers when the statistical analysis says, hey the house is worth $190,000, going in at $170,000 it's just not appropriate and you're going to lose out," said

Thursday morning we'll take on mortgages and explain the difference between 15 year and 30 year financing, and whether it's worth it to refinance.