FORISTELL, Mo. (KSDK) - No one hates these winter storms more than over the road truckers. It can keep them from making their deliveries on time.

Less than a week after a winter storm snarled much of St. Louis, the forecast calls for snow a little too close to home for many.

They won't be out if full force, but the Missouri Department of Transportation does have crews working overnight Monday into Tuesday, tracking pavement temperatures with truck sensors, salting ramps and bridges where needed and hoping the worst stays to the west.

It's already bad on the other side of the state. And that has truck drivers refueling in St. Charles County, rethinking routes west on I-70. Some near Columbia others stopping just outside of Wentzville until this latest storm passes.

With signs of the last storm, rain snow, points west has some that has some of the professionals deciding not to drive.

On the other side of the river, IDOT is hoping most of its counties in the metro east will dodge this storm all together plus with the rain in the forecast they say there's not much they can do in the way of pre-treating before the storm hits because it will likely get washed away before the snow comes.