By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - There's nothing odd about a group of teenage girls plotting and planning, but what this foursome put together February 2 isn't quite as common.

"Well, we raised money at a Zumbathon," Sarah Adams says.

They raised more than $2,700; not for new uniforms or a class trip, but for a friend.

"She's really nice and she's fun to be around. She's always happy and upbeat," says Alleigh Fine.

Even after she was told she had cancer.

"Osteosarcoma, it's a form of bone marrow cancer so it affects your blood also," says Emily Linneman, a 14-year-old fighter.

Osteosarcoma is a rather aggressive cancer so she decided to fight it aggressively.

"With a bone cadaver I would never have been able to do sports again and it gave it a 30 to 40 percent chance of the cancer to come back," Linneman says.

So in October she decided amputation was her best option.

"It just shocked me that someone our age could have something like that and how happy Emily always was, that something like that could happen to her," Amanda Larson says.

"I just felt helpless," Julianna Biswell says.

The girls in the meantime decided to turn that helpless feeling into something helpful and that Zumbathon was just the first of two fundraisers, both of which will help pay for Emily's prosthetic leg.

"It's so she knows that we got her back and we're supporting her and we love her just the same, even more now cause she's so strong," Larson says.

And so Emily's fight against this disease will continue, but this is one battle that's a little less brutal thanks to true friends.

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