By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - "This is the mother ship," Sue McCarthy immediately points out.

It is one of the top resale shops in the country. A boutique with the biggest and best names in fashion and of course, all of the accessories.

"This is a great Burberry bag," McCarthy says, looking at the price tag.

Needless to say, if it's in, Women's Closet Exchange has it; only they sell it at a third or half off the retail price.

"We have 15,000 individuals throughout the world that send us their stuff," McCarthy says.

Obviously, this place is no hidden treasure, but the spotlight is about to shine even brighter on this boutique.

"Mom has been saying for ten years we're a show, this is a show," explains Diana Ford, McCarthy's daughter and business partner.

As moms often are, she was right.

"So basically they came in and added all of these track lights to make us look better," says Laura Maurice, McCarthy's other daughter and business partner.

And well, film crews started rolling a couple of months ago.

"They follow us out to lunch and dinner, they follow us buying and selling," Maurice says.

Of course it's that us that adds quite possibly the most interesting dynamic.

"Oh, we have some drama believe me! We have the closet in the back, that's where we go when there's a situation," McCarthy says.

They'll also take you into other people's closets.

"We've been in some closets trust me, I'm talking pink chandelier inside the closet," Maurice says.

It will be a show based on fashion and family that they hope will resonate with audiences and also bring a little more attention to the place they call home.

"We love our city, we're proud of our city and we want the rest of the world to love our city and visit it," McCarthy says.

"Resale Royalty" premieres on Style April 29. This Saturday is another day to remember they're celebrating the boutiques 25th anniversary with a sale. Everything in the store will be 25 percent off.

There's also a fashion show scheduled for March 9 which will be part of an episode. To RSVP to the fashion show call Women's Closet Exchange at 314-842-8405.