By Elizabeth Matthews

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KSDK) - A teacher brings a taser to school and is removed from the classroom. It happened in a fifth-grade classroom at the Kehrs Mill School in the Rockwood School District.

School officials found out about it Wednesday morning and say the incident was quickly resolved.

They say it was subsitute teacher that brought the taser to the classroom. Chief Communications officer Kim Cranston of the district says a letter went home to parents.

The statement reads, "It is important to note that any weapon at school is considered serious and cannot be tolerated."

Cranston would not tell us how they found out about the taser.

She says above all else, safety is the top priority.

"We always want our children to be safe and as soon as the administration learned of that, the taser was confiscated and the teacher was removed from the classroom and another substitute teacher came in and finished the day," says Cranston.

She says the regular teacher will be back in the classroom Thursday.

As for the investigation, the district's human resources department is handling that.