By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - When you think of the man behind the mic in the mornings at 92.3 WIL small, soft-spoken and well-dressed are probably not the first things to come to mind.

"Wouldn't you want to see a morning show DJ with a big tattoo on his head, yes," Cornbread says over the air to listeners.

But listen to Cornbread for a minute or two and community crusader might be the perfect description.

"All the money is going to St. Baldrick's, which cures kids' cancer," he says.

Cornbread has not only has put together the biggest teams for Race for the Cure, he has his own "Adopt A Soldier" program and at the moment he's raising money for St. Baldrick's.

"I don't have forehead, I have a six-head; maybe even a seven-head. So St. Baldrick's came to me and said, 'Do you want to shave it for kids' cancer' and I said, 'Let's do this,'" Cornbread says.

He's not just shaving it, he's selling it.

"You're going to get your logo on this melon. Can you imagine Budweiser, Apple computer, Ray Vinson, whoever's got money, the highest donation and you have to make the donation whether you get the head or not, are going to get this head for a full month," Cornbread says.

It's this sort of thing that just helped him win an Academy of Country Music Award for On-Air Personality of the Year only he's not exactly taking credit.

"You send a tape in to get nominated for this thing, it's a big process with so-called professionals, it could be a guy named Sal in a closet that says give it to them, we don't know, but our tape is 80 percent listeners because we found the listeners are ten times as entertaining and about six and half times smarter than we are," Cornbread says. "So it's really your award and we're going to give it to every listener that wants it for two days."

He'll be the one accepting the award, but he promises to share that moment with St. Louis as well.

"I'm going to have a shirt and I'm going to rip it open and have a Cardinal shirt on representing," Cornbread says.

That you can count on.

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