By Monica Robins, NBC News

Changing what your children watch on TV may change their behavior.

A new study found that young children who saw movies or television shows containing violent scenes became more aggressive than those who didn't.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Sidrit doesn't watch much TV, and his mom noticed a direct correlation.

"He was watching Kung Fu Panda and he started doing what they were doing in the movie so yeah it affects children," said his mother Zerina Alushi.

Changing what your kids watch may change their behavior.

"We should be filling children's heads with joyful, creative helpful images violent TV causes kids to have thoughts about violence," said Dr. Robert Needlman, a behavioral pediatrician.

American preschool children watch an average of four-and-a-half hours of programming a day.

Experts hope this study will encourage parents to be selective when they turn the TV and watch what their kids are watching.

Cartoon images may seem innocent, but they have an impact too.

"I think it's any image of anybody getting hurt," said Needlman.

And who should never be in front of a TV?

"Children under two years old should never be watching TV including TV that the parents are watching and the child happens to be in the room," said Needlman.

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