By Casey Nolen

Royal Lakes, Ill. (KSDK) - It was a smash and grab at the village hall.

It all happened in the village of Royal Lakes in Macoupin County, Illinois where the sheriff's department is investigating and was also a victim.

When the mayor came to work Wednesday morning he found the front door and four more doors kicked-in. So far, the mayor says the most valuable items taken were village computers.

They do not believe any private information was compromised, but people in the village hall do say damage was done beyond the building.

"It's devastating to know that somebody came in, to our village hall, invaded our community space, and took something that didn't belong to them," says Village Clerk Vickie Wyman. "It was something that was a part of all of us."

And what makes this break-in even more brazen is that the Village Hall is also a sub-station for the Macoupin County Sheriff's Department and the Sheriff's office was also broken into.

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