By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - It is a true St. Louis treasure; a door into the past, when a jerk was just the guy making your soda.

"I am the jerk," Andy Karandzieff said proudly.

And well at Crown Candy Kitchen Karandzieff has been that jerk for more than 20 years.

"It's hard work being a jerk all day," said Karandzieff.

He's also the malt man and the maker of all sorts of shakes, maybe the busiest of his kind in the country.

"The record is 523 in one day," he said referring to malts and shakes.

But that's just what they dish up here for dessert. What really turns heads is the BLT.

"It's huge," Gary Brown said starring at it.

"Holy Cow that's a load of bacon," said Gus Brameloah.

A pile of bacon between two slices of bread so big you have to pause and ponder how to approach it.

"I didn't know where to start to begin with to tell the truth. I started to pick at it and then thought oh what the heck just go for it," said Brameloah.

A sandwich that averages 15 or 16 slices.

"It's probably a little over a half pound of bacon before frying," said Karandzieff.

Oddly enough it's not known as the monster BLT or the ultimate bacon sandwich.

"It's just a BLT, it's just our BLT though," said Karandzieff.

It is their most popular sandwich, not to mention there are quite a few other things with these salty slices.

"We've got the turkey special, the turkey bacon melt, the BLT, the chef salad, people will get bacon on just about any sandwich. Of course you get the person who just wants a big plate full of bacon and that works too," he said.

He hasn't done a bacon shake, but he's done bacon crumbles on ice cream cones.

"I've done chocolate covered bacon for people on special orders," said Karandzieff.

And all of that means this vat is always full.

"Well, we do 200 pounds of bacon a day we fry and maybe on Saturday 300 pounds, so I don't know 1,500 pounds on an average week," said Karandzieff.

That, my friends, is a lot of bacon and at the rate of which their BLT is sold, it's apparently pretty darn good bacon.

"It's out of sight, it's really good," said Brameloah as he leaned in for another bite.

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