A St. Louis entrepreneur is venturing into an untapped market, giving via social media. The founders launched with the goal to be the fastest most social way to donate to causes that mean the most to you.

"Givver really came out of the need that we saw, my business partner and I Tom, to eliminate the friction of giving," explained Chris Sommers, Givver founder and Pi Pizzeria owner.

Sommers created a way for you to give to organizations using twitter as a platform to reach the next generation of donors.

"If a friend of an organization that you care about tweets #give, a dollar amount and a mention of their organization all you have to do is retweet that so in seconds you can give to an organization," said Sommers. was designed and developed in St Louis, but it's already making an impact on cities across the country.

It's free to register, but there is a standard credit card transaction fee. You'll visit one time to sign up and the rest of the giving is done on You can give from $3-$250 at one time.

Organizations are encouraged to register at

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