Washington, Mo -(KSDK) -While there may have been some disappointment locally that St. Louis native Timothy Cardinal Dolan wasn't elected to the Papacy, his mother had a very different reaction.

Shirley Dolan says since her son was in high school people have predicted he would be the first American Pope. And over the past few days Vatican watchers from around the world have speculated it was certainly a possibility.

But while she says she always knew her son would go far in the church, Shirley Dolan says Cardinal is far enough. If he were elected Pope, she feared the family would have lost some of its time with Cardinal Dolan.

"I'm feeling relieved," said Shirley Dolan. "It's not that he wouldn't have been good for the church, I know he would have and he would have do a great job... but, I want him here."

While he was electing the pope behind closed doors, Timothy Cardinal Dolan became an uncle again. His mother says he'll be back in the St. Louis area next month to perform the baby's baptism -- something she doubts he could have done as Pope.

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