By Talia Kaplan

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - For the first time, we are hearing from restaurant and bar owners on Laclede's Landing about last weekend's violence.

They say they are taking it very seriously and want to make sure people are safe, especially withSt. Patrick's Day coming up.

St. Patrick's Day weekend is one of the busiest on the Landing, and business owners like the owner of Big Daddy's says he hopes his business will be packed, despite what happened in the area over the weekend.

Business owners held meetings all week and even met with police to look at ways they can take security here to the next level.

Police say early Saturday morning a man was shot in the arm. He's expected to survive.

On Sunday morning 28-year-old Kyle Roberts was stabbed to death. Police say both incidents started with a fight.

Business owners on the Landing already hire off-duty police officers to patrol their bars. They say on any given weekend they have a minimum of 12 extra officers.

This past weekend, with Arch Madness visitors in town, they had 17. But they're determined they will hire even more this weekend to make sure people celebrating St. Patrick's Day will have a fun and safe time.

"We feel also that it is very safe down here now but we will keep on spending the money that needs to happen. Whatever needs to happen we want to make it safe down here first and foremost. It's the biggest part of trying to have a very busy restaurant district. It has to be safe," said Ryan Loeffler, the owner of Big Daddy's at Laclede's Landing.

Police are also taking action. The mobile incident command center will be in the heart of the Landing and they say they will have a heavy police presence, especially between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Police encourage you to leave weapons at home.

Festivities at the Landing start around 12 p.m., right after thedowntown parade on Saturday. There will be a party in the street with food and music.

Police arestill looking for the man responsible for last weekend's stabbing. Anyone with information should call CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS.

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