By Tracy Clemons

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Schnucks continues its investigation into reports of credit card fraud. A spokesperson says they don't have a number of fraud cases to release at this point, and they are investigating.

NewsChannel 5 has gotten several emails from people in St. Louis, Wildwood, Florissant, and O'Fallon, Mo. saying their credit card information was stolen after shopping at Schnucks grocery stores.

We spoke to a woman who used her card at the Schnucks on Butler Hill in south St. Louis County as recently as March 13, and she found out that someone used the card info for two $900 purchases at Home Depot in Brentwood and then tried to use it at another Home Depot before it was declined.

Another man says he used his card around the March 18 and found out Wednesday that his card had been compromised.

"My bank manager looked at me and said yes we got a notice from Schnucks that their system had been hacked, that their security had been breached. And I said oh ok. And what was involved was going over the last 45 days of transactions on my account," said Donald Eshbager of Florissant.

Schnucks is working with credit card companies in investigating these reports of fraud. Anyone who shops at Schnucks and notices any unusual credit card activity is urged to report it to their credit card provider.