By Elizabeth Matthews

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - More potential victims of credit card fraud at Schnucks stores have come foward.

Since NewsChannel 5first broke the story Wednesday at 10 p.m. we've been inundated with calls and emails from Schnucks customers.

Most people have similar stories; they had been to a Schnucks in the past few weeks and then had transactions from out of state.

"On Sunday morning my husband's credit card was rejected from the gas station," said Kathie Adams, a Schnucks customer.

This is the typical complaint we are hearing.

"They said they had shut my card off because they had seen some fraudulent stuff down in Georgia," said Dave Henschel, another Schnucks customer.

Both Adams and Henschel visited Schnucks stores in west St. Louis County twice in the past two weeks. Then they both had suspicious transactions from the state of Georgia.

Adams tells us someone hit a Target store for $403. Henschel says someone in Georgia hit two Walmart stores and a Dollar General, spending more than $300.

"When I first found out I was really scared, it's one of those situation you don't have a lot of control over," said Henschel.

Both victims' credit card companies shut down their accounts after the odd transactions and they didn't have to pay for the out of state bills, but as Adams explains we all have to pay for the fraud.

"That credit is spread across all credit card users, because the credit card company is not going to pay for it, so they upcharge us on our fees and finance charges," she said.

The Better Business Bureau suggests if you are a victim of this fraud keep yourself informed by watching credit card statements and you're credit report.

"To make sure that no credit lines have been opened in your name, because your credit information has been compromised," said Chris Thetford with the BBB.

While there is no concrete evidence that this credit card fraud all stems from Schnucks, all signs point to it.

"I don't blame them at all the same thing could happen to any other company," said Henschel.

"It's difficult to go forward, I mean I will continue to shop at Schnucks, they are my favorite grocery store, but still I'm hesitant to want to use my credit card anywhere at this point," said Adams.

Schnucks hasn't said a lot about the security breech, only that they are working with credit card companies and urge customers to report any unusual activity to their card holders.

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