By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Chances are you've seen the commercials so you probably know Mickey and Disney's pack of princesses have twirled into town. What you probably don't know is what some of the cast has been doing in their down time.

"Hi Josh, want to go for a ride," one skater asks a kid.

"Well, we got to skate, I mean it was awesome," says Kaci Conley, who might just be the biggest Mickey Mouse fan of the bunch.

It's something these kids don't often have the opportunity to do, but then that's what Variety the Children's Charity is here for.

"It's something that helps kids with disabilities and they get to do stuff that normally they wouldn't be able to do," explains ten year old Gracie Kelley.

So Gracie and Kaci and the rest of these cute kids not only got on the ice with some of the professional skaters, they got to pose with the most famous mouse on the planet.

"It was such a cool experience and how many people can say they met Mickey in Missouri," Kaci points out.

It's obviously something Kaci won't forget anytime too soon since she's loved Mickey.

"Uh, pretty much since forever," she says.

But those minutes here with Mickey might just have uncovered the magic behind him.

"He's just so awesome, he's happy all the time," Kaci adds.

A magic we can all conjure up if we put our minds to it.

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