By Talia Kaplan

ST. LOUIS(KSDK) - St. Louis Fashion Week is in full swing and among the designers is a woman who gave up a lucrative career to invest all her time, money, and energy into her love of fashion.

Amy Johnson of Highland, Illinois is now living her dream, but it took a while for her to discover her true passion.

For 15 years, Johnson worked as an environmental engineer.

"It was a great career, I made great money, I met some great people but I just wasn't feeling anything and I would sit in meetings and I would literally squeeze my ear a hard as I could with my nail so I wouldn't fall asleep in the meeting because it was so boring," said Johnson.

She would often travel around the world for self reflection. It was when she was in Italy seven years ago that she discovered she wanted to design clothes.

For the past three years her clothing line, "KayOss Designs," has been her bread and butter.

Now she has her own showroom, sells to local boutiques, and even had a pop-up store last summer. Now she has advice for others trying to find their calling.

"We all have the capability to do whatever we want. I know we are all born into different arrangements of life but we have the spirit inside of us you just have to wake it up and you can do whatever you want to do," Johnson said.

Johnson's fashion show is Saturday night at 8 at MX Plaza. For more information go to St. Louis Fashion Week online.

For more information on "KayOss Designs," visit her homepage.

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