By Jennifer Hoff

MADISON, Wis. (WISC/CNN) - A man awaiting a lung transplant finds himself hit by another hardship.

He says his wife's wallet was stolen and the thieves racked up thousands of dollars in credit card charges.

There are many ups and downs in more than two decades of marriage.

"You just got to be ready and we've put things in order," said Roger Egleston.

One month shy of their 23rd anniversary, Roger and Debbie Egleston are in a slump.

"If I don't get a lung, this disease will get me," said Roger.

The Oklahoma couple, quickly med-flighted to Madison, are left to wait for the organ that will keep Roger alive.

A round of chemo couldn't keep his 1997 leukemia diagnosis from coming back.

Then, a bone marrow transplant didn't work either, instead it's been attacking the Vietnam veteran's lungs for years.

Always on oxygen, and on a budget, the couple says what happened next sent them spiraling even deeper.

"It was that fast, just boom," said Debbie.

On a Goodwill shopping trip shoppers scored big, but on Debbie's dime.

Police say, two people stole her wallet from her purse, in the cart at the thrift store. They'd charge thousands of dollars and one month later, still haven't been caught.

"We're not asking for monetary compensation, we're not asking for mercy, we're asking for someone to step up and ID these folks so they can be arrested," said Roger.

Sure, these two want their money back.

"We just can't believe it happened to us, certainly not under these circumstances," said Roger.

But it's what they can't put a price tag on that they'll keep waiting for.

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