By Paul Merrill

GORHAM, Maine (WMTW/CNN) - Police in Maine have tracked down a convicted rapist who disappeared nearly 35 years ago.

Gary Alan Irving was arrested Wednesday night. His lawyer says he's been living as a model citizen since his 1978 conviction.

Convicted of rape and kidnapping, one of the most wanted fugitives in Massachusetts, 52-year-old Gary Alan Irving, had been living in a home on South Street in Gorham, Maine for at least 11 years, possibly longer.

"Your first reaction is, 'I can't believe here,' but I can believe here because it happens everywhere,'" said neighbor Gina Marianacci.

Marianacci moved into a nearby home on the high-traffic street over the winter.

"I guess it's alarming when you think of all of the kids that walk to and from school right by that house," she said.

Police arrested Irving on Wednesday night. They say he was at home watching TV with his wife.

"I'd say he was surprised to see law enforcement on his front door," said Sgt. Robert Burke with Maine State Police.

Investigators say they found several guns that Irving wasn't supposed to have, but police say he cooperated with the arresting officers.

"He just asked, 'How did you find me?' That's all he really said in regards to that," said Sgt. Burke.

No one is saying what led police after all this time, but he was hiding in plain sight.

Police say Irving had been going by Greg instead of Gary and was using a different date of birth. Investigators tell us he had a valid Maine driver's license.

Authorities say they confirmed Irving's identity through his fingerprints.

Law enforcement officials tell us they're just beginning the process of looking to see if they can connect Irving to any unsolved crimes that happened in Maine in the past 34 years.

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