SUNSET HILLS, Mo.(KSDK) - An Affton couple who accidentally donated $5,000 in cash to MERS/Goodwill has their money back. Now the worker who found the cash might get a reward.

The couple donated six trash bags of items on March 13. The woman had recently lost her 96 year old father and cleaned out his home. She didn't notice the money was placed in the bags along with clothing and other donations.

A store employee in Sunset Hillsfound the money and reported her findings to her supervisors. "It never belonged to me in the first place," says Jessica Bouk, "I know what it's like to lose money and I couldn't sit here and take that."

MERS/Goodwill reviewed surveillance video to narrow down who may have made the donation. They met with people who met the criteria and found the rightful owners.

The rightful owners say they are so thankful to Jessica that they'd like to give her a part of the cash in addition to making a donation to Goodwill.

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