(KSDK) - The streets of Downtown St. Louis have finally cleared after Sunday's Go! St. Louis Marathon. More than 15,000 runners took part in this year's event. Among them, Brennan Wilde, a young man with his own cheering section. "Very dedicated runner, has been all of his life. He's run in several marathons and we're proud of him," says his mother Anne Wilde.

This year's the half-marathon champion was Aaron Braun of Flagstaff, Arizona. The family man smashed the course record by two minutes. He'll head back home with a check for $10,000. Braun says, "That's diapers and food for my one-and-a-half year old and my wife who's so supportive of me. I mean, when we had a kid I knew that was going to be tough training-wise because you've got to train hard and get your recovery. And with a baby screaming at night, that's not always the easiest thing to do."

Perhaps though, the most incredible story of the day was that of Terri Menghini who completed her 100th marathon - after a brush with death in 2009. "I was training out in Boulder, Colorado on my bike. It was a clear sky like this and out of the mountains came a bolt of lightning. It went through my neck went through my heart and came out my ankle. My heart had stopped and I fell off my bike but I restarted my heart by falling on it. I was given a second chance at life and every time I cross the finish line I still tear up because it's very meaningful knowing how I almost didn't have this any more," says Menghini.