By Art Holliday

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Greg Ashenbrenner had 20 Cardinals jerseys to choose from for the home opener.

Standing outside he says the choice was easy: Stan Musial's number 6.

"I had a choice between all my other jerseys," said Ashenbrenner. "I wouldn't have worn any other jersey on this one."

Similar sentiments from Dan Schneider, who also wore a number 6 jersey.

"It's opening day and I'm a proud Cardinals fan and Stan Musial is the best of them all," he said.

Musial's passing is still fresh in the minds of Cardinals fans and for many fans at the home opener, it clearly influenced their choice of gear.

Marty Winkler, sporting his own number 6 Musial jersey, seemed to sum of the feelings of many fans who knew they would feel Musial's absence from the pre-game ceremonies

"I wouldn't be surprised if I shed a tear or two today," said Winkler."It's just not going to be the same without him anymore. That was one of the things you looked forward to every year was seeing all the hall of famers and you always saved your loudest applause for Stan the Man."

Michael McIntyre remembers 13 years ago when he showed up unannounced at Musial's house, where the greatest Cardinal of them all lived up to his reputation.

"Just showed up at his door and he acted like he had nothing better to do," McIntyre. "Posed for pictures with me. I sent them to him later and he signed them and in the mail in the coming week I got a bat in the mail signed to me, a ball, and a big poster, and all of them are personalized to me, saying Michael McIntyre, a great Musial fan."

Cardinal President Bill DeWitt III was asked to put into words Musial's impact.

"Nobody in the history of baseball better represents a city and a franchise than Stan Musial and the Cardinals," said DeWitt.

"It's big respect," said Chris Muschamp, describing the Stan Musial tattoo that covered most of his right bicep. "I didn't get to see him play obviously, but I'm a big Cardinal fan, so I watched him wherever I could find the video. We've been to Wrigley Field and sat in the bleachers where he got his 3,000th hit."

Wearing his number 6 jersey, Ty Roettering brought his two young sons to the home opener to cheer for the Card and remember The Man. "It's what he meant to all of us," said Roettering, looking down at his sons. "When I was the age of these guys he was always someone to look up to. He was always a man of integrity."

Before the game, the Cardinals unveiled a number 6 logo that will remain on the outfield wall during the 2013 season.

Cardinals employees will wear a small pin with the same design, while Cardinals players will wear a number 6 patch on their uniforms.