BRIDGETON, Mo.(KSDK) - If you can believe it, the smell surrounding the Bridgeton landfill is about to get even worse. Starting Monday crews will be digging up parts of the landfill, which will increase the odor.

Construction crews will start work removing concrete pipe sections. The landfill's president say this is all in efforts to decrease the smell, but first it must get worst. Residents there say they are not ready for that.

On a Sunday the Bridgeton landfill is calm, but come Monday construction crews will be digging up parts of the landfill.
This is expected to increase the nasty smell and increase the warning about being outside.

"You have some one telling me you have to limit your time outside that's a problem to me and especially when it's not even outside, it's inside your home, inside the OR at depaul, inside our schools," says Karen Nickel citing an email from the Department of Health and Senior Services.

She and Dawn Chapman together helped create the "West Lake Landfill" Facebook page and are worried the work this week is too soon.

"If you are going to do this stuff please make sure you have in place what you need to protect me and my family and my community that's all I am saying," says Chapman.

She says they've been told that there are air quality monitoring systems in place now, but the "more sensitive" monitors are not yet in place. Their concern? The smell is about to get worse and it needs to be monitored.

"I'm depressed," says Charles Farrelly. "I don't want to see property value go down."

He says the value of his home has increased the past few years, but so has the smell.

"We need to no longer have to deal with this and it's something that after all this time they should be capable of taking care of," says Farrelly.

Nickel says she appreciates that the landfill owners are trying to fix the problem, but she's concerned they're jumping the gun and not taking the proper precautionary measures.

"I woke up dreaming that I was smelling the landfill only guess what, I wasn't dreaming," says Nickel.

The construction is expected to continue through the end of the month. Chapman and Nickel are trying to find "safe areas" for the elderly, pregnant women or children to go and get away from the enhanced odor.

They've reached out to municipalities, recreationrooms and community centers and still have not heard back.