By Grant Bissell

HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KSDK) - There's a chance for more severe weather this week and that's the last thing people in Hazelwood want to hear.

This morning's hail tore through tarps causing more headaches for residents whose homes were damaged by last week's tornado.

Right now, city crews are focusing oncleaning up yard debris and increasing security in the hardest hit parts of town.

Meanwhile, AmeirCorps workers are helping residents of the Teson Garden Apartments gather their belongings from the severely damaged buildings.

Hazelwood's mayor says they're trying to get as much done as possible before more storms roll in.

"Certainly getting the residents out of some of these homes here where the roofs are missing or they aren't tarped up. Really that's the main thing that code enforcement's focused on is assessing each property to figure out if they need that assistance," said Mayor Matthew Robinson.

Another concern is for the people displaced by the storm. Temporary housing opportunities are running out, leaving many wondering where to go.

Anyone still needing help should call United Way's 211 as soon as possible. Volunteers are also needed for cleanup this weekend.