By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Jeremiah Johnson has been picking out tunes since he was a kid watching cartoons.

"I started playing actually when I was four years old," said Johnson.

But it's hard to stay focused at four.

"The lessons ended up kind of messing up with my cartoons so when I couldn't see my cartoons any more he said I just cried and didn't want to take lessons anymore," said Johnson.

He eventually outgrew those cartoons and returned to his guitar in his teens.

"Then I started studying jazz in college for a little while, thought I was going to be a rock star ran around playing rock music for a while," said Johnson.

Then in his 20s he ran into several musicians in Soulard playing blues music. It was love at first sound and four years ago he put together The Jeremiah Johnson Band with The Sliders.

"It's Texas honky tonk with St. Louis' big horns," he said.

He still has a day job.

"I climb on billboards on the side of the highway and work up in the air," Johnson explained.

But his feet are firmly planted in making music, original music that can actually be heard on satellite radio.

"And the best part about it is that when they announce us on satellite radio they say this is this great band from St. Louis, Missouri, The Jeremiah Johnson Band and that makes me proud," Johnson said.

Not bad for a kid from south city. A musician who's singing the blues, but who's career is really starting to rock.

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