By Talia Kaplan

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KSDK) - The owner of a local Molly Maid cleaning franchise wants to earn back the trust of some of his customers.

This, after the owner of a different franchise is accused of using one of his customer's keys to break into their home.

Charlie Willingham says it's affecting his bottom line even though he had nothing to do with the incident. He says the trust of his customers is important to him and wants them to feel comfortable with crews in their homes.

Police say the owner of Molly Maid in Chesterfield broke into one his customers' homes using the key she gave him. Police say a customer found Bryan Frantz rummaging through a cabinet. He got away without taking anything. Now he's charged with burglary.

Willingham says he was shocked about the allegations but, actually bought part of the Chesterfield franchise to help save its reputation. He says he takes precautions to ensure his clients' safety.

"It is very upsetting when another owner in a similar business that I run is accused of something like this. It does affect customers in my area and I did lose money because of that. I do look forward to earning that trust back. My hopes are that I am able to take the service that we provide here in St. Louis to the Chesterfield area and that we will earn the trust there too," said Willingham.

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