By Elizabeth Matthews

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - Improvised explosive devices were recently found inside a St. Charles home after a man sold federal investigators $6,000 worth of drugs.

The home sits quiet now, but neighbors say the scene about one month ago was anything but. They knew neighbor Ehrick Preis was up to no good, but when DEA agents surrounded his home back in March, they knew it was serious.

Stephanie Horneker lives on the same street and was shocked when Preis was facing a federal charge and behind bars.

Court documents say it started with a drug bust in December, when Preis sold $6,000 worth of drugs to undercover agents.

Investigators then searched his home, with Preis' permission.

Court documents show the investigators found two "apparent improvised explosive devices," notes that contained "hand written words describing acts of killing people," a large bag of fireworks, and drugs.

Investigators say they also found videos on Preis' cell phone of him trying to ignite the devices.

Not many neighbors admitted to knowing Preis, but are glad he's locked up.

Mother of two, Liz Talbert says while she knew nothing of the activity she's glad someone was watching.

"Thankful that the police do, that they are doing their research and that they have the knowledge and have people around that know what to do in this incident," said Talbert.

The defense attorney says they were oversized fireworks, not IEDs.

Pries was charged in March with knowingly possessing an unregistered destructive device, and was arrested Monday.

He is currently held in the St. Charles County Jail, but is facing federal charges.

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