By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Fanfare featuring Kittie Moller has been striking a chord with audiences since the '70s.

"Vincent had already had the band for a year and he needed a new vocalist so I auditioned for the band," Moller explainED.

That's not exactly the entire story. Vincent Golomski had heard Kittie and basically went in search of her.

"I was in college at the time checking groceries at Schnucks so to find me he just starting calling all the Schnucks stores on Manchester. Do you know how many Schnucks there are on Manchester?" Moller asked.

"Finally found her she wouldn't take my call. That's what I remember," Golomski added.

He was persistent and Kittie finally caved, not only did she become his lead vocalist, she became his leading lady. The two started dating four months after she joined the band.

"Although I always say we never really dated, it was either a band job or he wanted me to go see another band," Moller pointed out.

They've been married 34 years and the band has never missed a beat.

"I figured if it didn't work out I'd quit the band, but he's pretty easy going so it's all worked out actually," Moller said.

They've been a fixture over the years at fairs and festivals and these days they play four or five gigs a week.

"We go from playing kids concerts to retirement centers to the Ritz Carlton. Our diversity has kept us working," Golomski added.

So theirs is a story of music and marriage, a combination that seems to hit all the right notes.

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