·Cutex is the original inventor of nail polish and nail polish remover more than 100 years ago

·Originally, nail polish was the same formula they used to paint cars with

·Cutex's new Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover formula is the first innovation in nail polish remover in more than 15 years.

·Cutex is headquartered in St. Louis and is owned and operated by Arch Equity

·85% of Nail Polish Remover is produced in the St Louis metro area

·Cutex sources ingredients from two local suppliers - Chemisphere and Transchem

·In 2012, they produced 13 million bottles

·Cutex produced 8 million nail polish remover pads

·One tank holds 6.200 gallons

·The average Cutex employee produces 250 bottles per hour

·Plant is running at about 35% capacity

·Cutex volume is about 5 million bottles and 3.5 million pads

·They have 22 employees in the plant and 9 in the front office

Find out more at "cutex nails dot com" of course their products are sold in stores all over town!


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