By Elizabeth Matthews

WENSTVILLE, Mo. (KSDK) - A Wentzville teenager has pleaded guilty to several sexual offenses against young children, but for the time being he is in the comfort of his own home. Parents in the area are now concerned and wish he was back in prison.

Jacob Dolson, 17, posted his bond. It was set at $35,000 last year when the charges were filed. He's been in jail in St. Charles County for the past year, but now he's at home.

Dolson was charged with 11 counts of sexual offenses against minors, charged with everything from child molestation to statutory rape. This week he pleaded guilty to nine of 11 counts.

"Personally, especially after he pled guilty I would love to see him still in jail because I agree it would be better if was incarcerated," said St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar.

He says the decision of bonds lies in the hands of the circuit court judge. Parents in the neighborhood around Dolson are concerned.

"They are kids, they need to be able to play with other kids and now they can't," said mother of three, Brooke Mitchell.

She says she is leery of letting her three kids out to play, especially since the crimes happened in a nearby home.

"The evidence was that at various times when these kids were at Mr. Dolson's residence under his mother's care he would individually perpetrated them each of the four victims and a few occasions more than once," said Lohmar.

As part of posting bond, Lohmar says Dolson is wearing a GPS monitoring device so the court can track his movement. Mitchell says he shouldn't be so close to so many schools. Holt High school is at the end of his street, Wentzville Middle school is right behind his neighborhood, and Heritage Primary and East Elementary schools are less than a mile away.

"I don't know if there should have been a bond at all, these are kids, kids who are mostly likely ruined are going to have extreme emotional issues for the rest of their lives and he gets to hang out at home, well how is that fair?" said Mitchell.

Dolson will be back in the courtroom on July 11 for sentencing.