HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KSDK) -- Hazelwood is home to many things from historical places to something that is sure to catch the attention of drivers.

Hazelwood is the home of Big Foot, the most famous monster truck. For years, one was parked at I-270 and Lindbergh and kids begged their parents to pull over so they could check it out.

Big Foot started as a hobby for Bob Chandler at his four-wheel drive shop.

Today six or seven Big Foot trucks are on the road any given weekend, and they're building truck number 21.

There's also now a battery-operated Big Foot that that's targeted at kids with autism because they generally don't like the loud noise.

Each big foot truck costs about $150,000 to build.

Two of Hazelwood's most historic buildings also sit right next to each other.

The Little Red Schoolhouse is where classes were held for nearly a century until it closed in 1950. It was also the actual birthplace of Hazelwood.

The first meeting to organize the city of Hazelwood happened inside.

Next door is the Utz-Teson House, the oldest home in the city. Famous people are rumored to have stayed in there including, Meriwether Lewis, one half of Lewis and Clark.

Both buildings are no longer in their original locations. They've been moved to Brookes Park, so both historic structures can be appreciated together.