MENGZI CITY, China (CCTV/CNN) - A construction worker had a miraculous escape on Tuesday morning when a steel bar pierced through his collarbone in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

The near-fatal incident took place in a passageway between two buildings under construction, where the worker was standing on a scaffolding, elevated to the second floor, was painting the exterior wall of one building.

As he carried on working accompanied by his colleagues, a thin-sized steel bar measuring two to three meters long fell from the upper floors.

According to reports, at the time of the incident, around 11 a.m., there were workers operating on seventh and the ninth floors.

The steel bar then inadvertently pierced through the man's collarbone, and within seconds, his work colleagues called the emergency services. He was then rushed to a local hospital.

"I was shoveling the sand when suddenly I heard an outburst of a cry. I went over and found that a steel bar had gone through him," said one of the work colleagues on site.

He also added that the situation might have been worse if the injured worker had not been wearing a safety helmet.

"The steel bar hit the helmet first, bouncing off before going through his collarbone. The bar is between two and three meters long. It was cut short by the rescuers," said the worker.

The steel bar was then successfully taken out after an operation in the hospital. The worker is now in stable condition.

The cause of the incident is still being investigated.