By Matt Finn

UNION GAP, Wash. (KIMA/CNN) - Some unusual car prowlers are under police scrutiny after recent damage. There's no spray paint involved, but this cast of characters is colorful.

Union Gap police say they have no choice but to get this "group" off their streets. Officers say they've received three or four calls about them in recent weeks. They're accused of scratching several cars in the area causing damage to at least one.

But it's not a bunch of your typical car prowlers, rather a group of wild peacocks.

Take a look at the video above. The peacock apparently sees its reflection in the car and attacks it.

The peacocks have run wild in Union Gap for years, but recently they started run in and out of traffic, causing people to slam on their brakes. And, they have a high-pitched mating call.

"There's been six, seven cars backed up waiting for them," said neighbor Lisa Hampton.

"It sounds like a cat," said Torri Deleone.

"Like a really loud cat meowing," said Austin Deleone.

Todd Pulse lives on south 3rd Avenue. The peacocks gather on his property. Most people think they're his, but he says it's not true. He just can't get rid of them

"I move 'em around, chase them around, but that's all you can do," said Pulse.

He says most people might think he's cruel for wanting them gone. But, he says he's the one who has to deal with them.

"I would like to see them be relocated," said Pulse.

Now, you might be saying to yourself 'Come on, it's just a couple of peacocks.' But police say they feel like a pretty bad accident can happen if the animals keep darting in and out of these busy streets.

A part of nature that has law enforcement on its tail, having a run-in with law enforcement.

Union Gap will install "Peacock Crossing" signs to warn drivers about the problem. The city also contacted fish and wildlife for ideas about how to deal with the birds.