By Anne Allred

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - The Senior PGA championship in St. Louis is right around the corner.

Organizers at Bellerive Country Club were wondering how they could found a charitable arm to go along with the tournament. They're idea, called PGA REACH, has now been adopted by the PGA nationally and the program will be affiliated with every championship tournament from now on.

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On Monday May 20th, the day before the tournament begins the course will host a Pro-Am with Ozzie Smith where they hope to raise $200,000 for PGA REACH. But organizers say that's the tip of the iceberg for what they hope to raise over the coming years.

The program will fund and help hire additional staff at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri, Urban K-Life, and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis. It also will pay for a fitness facility where kids can go after school and learn to play golf, it will be several acres at Grand and Dodier.

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Organizers say the need for keeping kids busy after school was brought to their attention by leadership at the St. Louis Public Schools.

"They're biggest problem was not, this surprised me, was not when they had the kids in school, it was when they were out. Where do they go, what do they do, how could they be gainfully recreating for lack of a better term, so that gave birth to the idea," said PGA REACH committee chair, Ed Glotzbach.

PGA REACH is in need of not only donations but volunteers. For more information, visit the Gateway PGA website.

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