(KSDK) -- It's the time of year where people are busy in their gardens.

Maybe your pets join you, but did you know it can be dangerous for them? Dr. Stacey Wallach from Town and Country Veterinary Hospital stopped by Today In St. Louis to share some ways to keep your garden pet friendly.

Dr. Wallach says a number of plants, vegetables and fruits could be poisonous to your pets. She says you can ask your vet for a complete list.

She says to watch out for garden tools too. Rusty tools can cause tetanus. Wallach says to paint the tools bright colors so they can be seen and so your pets don't step or trip on them.

To avoid fleas and ticks the best thing to do is keep the lawn mowed.

To keep your pets out of the garden, Wallach suggests creating a path for them to follow.