By Garrett Wymer

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV/CNN) - With the Washington bridge collapse in the news, some may be wondering what they would do if it happened to them.

For example, would you know what to do if your car went underwater?

"You're not going to have power. If you have power windows, they're not going to work. If you have power locks, you're going to have to manually unlock the door," said Casey Mork with the Rockingham County Tactical Rescue Team.

But opening the door is a tough task. If that doesn't work, you'll have to break out a window.

"You want to wait for the pressure to equalize, so you want to wait till the water is close to the roofline," said

Mork recommends a keychain tool with a window punch and seatbelt cutter.

Reporter: "You might have some trouble with the seatbelt?"

Mork: "Yes. A lot of vehicles have tensioners in the seatbelts, so if it feels a jolt it will lock. And if you're in panic mode or in certain situations, then it's cinched tight and it locks.... You might have a hard time getting that undone."

Reporter: "Now, busting out the window. Is it better to do the driver's side window, the windshield?"

Mork: "You definitely want to do one of the side windows. Windshields in vehicles have safety glass. So if you break it, you may shatter, but there's a layer of plastic in between that makes it hard to get out. So you definitely want to one of the side windows. And when it shatters, it will shatter completely, and you can just push the glass shards out of the way."

And when you get out of the window, again, you want to push off of the car, and in the windowsill would be a good spot to put your feet and push off to get to the surface as fast as you can.

One of the keys, Mork says, as hard as it might be, is to stay calm.

He adds, if you don't have one of those keychain rescue tools, you can use any hard object to break through your window.

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