(KSDK Sports) -- True blue fans of professional hockey will be tuned in to NewsChannel 5 on Wednesday night for Game 1 of the NHL Stanley Cup finals. But why should the rest of you care? One reason is a player named Jaromír Jágr.

Even if you have never watched a hockey game in your life,seeing something rare and beautifuliswhy you should care. Jaromír Jágr is returning to the finals for the first time in 21 years. Jágr is still relevant in 2013, although he seems so 1990's. It would be like Phil Collins with a new hit single, a 300ZX being made again or the TV show Friends being back on NBC.

As a 20-year-old Penguin, taking on the Blackhawks, by the way, Jágr shared the ice with some names that may be a blast from the past. On the Hawks, Jágr was up against Ed Belfour who is now 48, Chris Chelios, 51, and Steve Larmer, 52. And his own teammates were even older, sharing ice time with Mario Lemieux,47, Joey Mullen, 56, and Brian Trottier, 57.

And Jágr is stillvery good. In 45 games this year he had 16 goals and 19 assists. He would have been the blues second leading point-getter at the age of 41. Jaromír Jágr, it stuns me that he is still relevant in 2013.