By Elizabeth Matthews

KIMMSWICK, Mo. (KSDK) - A group that helps hundreds of children and adults with disabilities is in desperate need of help. Floodwaters caused major damage to the Ride on St. Louis stables, along the Mississippi River in Kimmswick.

Now the cleanup can't continue unless volunteers step up to help.

"Seeing it while it was happening, was horrible," said Kati Bishop, mother of a rider at Ride on St. Louis.

It's a nonprofit group that offers riding therapy for children and adults.

"It's just a joy to see my daughter doing something that she's good at, that's good for her and she just smiles the whole time," said Bishop.

So, when it flooded earlier this month, along with the town of Kimmswick, it was a shock.

"We have been very fortunate this is the first time that we've had to move out," said program director at Ride on St. Louis Marita Wassman.

They need a new floor for inside the arena and right in front of the arena the pasture needs to be re-seeded.

"The river just made a mess all over the place," said Katelyn Dawson.

So now the clean up continues, they need volunteers to help put the arena and stables back together to be able to get the horses back in these empty stalls.

"They are all together now at Eastland Farms in Illinois which is just a blessing for us," said Wassman.

Since the flooding they've already missing some therapy sessions that are so important to these families.

"This is her one place that she can go to that she can do she watches her brother play ball and this is her thing that she can do," said Jessica Dawson, mother of Katelyn.

For Eve Modica Ride on St. Louis has helped her walk and stand.

"She's able to stand her, her biggest issue is balance and being able to ride has given her better posture," said Eve's mother Patricia Modica.

"It's all volunteers and if we work together we will get it back," said Dawson.

The group is asking for volunteers to come out on Wednesday to the facility in Kimmswick starting at noon and going all day.

They also need donations to help pay for loss of equipment.

For more information about the group, visit their website.

Also, if you see Casper the kitty cat, she was lost in the move. Wassman says the cat was lost in the Des Peres/Kirkwood area.

And 27-year-old Remington died during the move. Wassman explains it was due to stress and old age.