(KSDK) -- With Wimbledon entering its final stages this weekend, the sound of tennis balls bouncing off grass and rackets seems to be everywhere. And did you know those fuzzy yellow orbs can also relieve your foot and back pain?

It's true!

"Putting a tennis ball right under the balls of of your feet, in a sitting position can do wonders," explains Julie Funke at St. Louis Spinning.

Using as much, or as little, pressure as you like, working the ball all over the contours of your foot, from a sitting position, can work miracles for people who struggle with plantar fasciitis.

Click on the video player window on this page to watch Julie demonstrate the proper technique.

Do you suffer from lower back pain?

The tennis ball can help there, too!

Lay on your back, place the ball right above the top of your pelvis bone---don't place the ball directly on your spine, and gently massage the ball between your back and the floor.

Again, watch the above video for see a visual demonstration.

Also, for chronic foot or back pain, you should always make an appointment with a medical professional before attempting any home remedies.