By Elizabeth Matthews

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - Some parents are voicing concerns about student transfers. This fall, the unaccredited Normandy School District will pay to bus students to Francis Howell.

Now some parents and students of Francis Howell are saying enough is enough, if Normandy comes in, we go out.

"They don't want to be there, why would they want to be there?" said Francis Howell student Taylor Manuele about Normandy students transferring in. "They probably just think that we are just a bunch of snobby little rich kids."

The possibility of students coming from Normandy has made Manuele's mother want to change her child's school, citing reasons like safety.

Some students NewsChannel 5 spoke to have issues with Normandy students being able to transfer. Some say they are worried about their safety. Others say they are concerned about whatnew students will do to the academic reputation of the district. Derek Wilson says his district now has some of the best ACT scores.

The biggest misconception?

"That Francis Howell had something to do with this. We had nothing to do with it," said School Board President Marty Hodits.

What about the safety of the students?

"If you think, the type of students that are going to take a 20-30 minute bus ride to the closest school and up to then an hour and a half bus ride to the furthest school have a little bit more on their plate than violence," explained Hodits.

On the other side of the spectrum? Some students, like class president Eric Lee, say, "Let's play nice.

"Especially at the meeting last night, they did not get a good impression, we did not really make them feel welcome," said Lee. "If we treat them with hostility then they will treat us the same way and that's what's going to lead to problems."

Francis Howell will not know the number of Normandy students they can handle until August 1 and they won't know how many students want to transfer in until August 2.