St. Louis County (KSDK) - Uplands Park Chairman Henry Iwenofu says his St. Louis County village of roughly 450 once again has full-time police service.

Iwenofu says Uplands Park is once again contracting with neighboring Velda City to have that municipality provide patrols. But this time it is only on an emergency basis through this coming Tuesday.

The Uplands Park board is scheduled to meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday to vote on a possible long term solution for police service that Iwenofu says may consist of a full-time marshall during the day and contracted service during overnight hours. The marshall would be an employee of Uplands Park and the contracted services could be with Velda City, another municipality or St. Louis County Police.

In January Uplands Park began a contract with Velda City for police services but in early July the contract was cancelled after a dispute between the two municipalities over payment for the services.

St. Louis County Police said its officers would only respond to emergencies in the area and county police chief Tim Fitch said that Uplands Park could be in violation of state law if it did not provide full-time service for its citizens.