ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - It has been feast or famine lately with the Cardinals' offense, but the team did not give St. Louis hip hop artist Nelly a tryout Tuesday.

Nelly came to the ballpark early to take some batting practice.

Tuesday night is Nelly night at Busch Stadium. He threw out the first pitch, and they gave away his bobble-head.

The rapper grew up a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals.

"This team is like the pulse of the city. It's funny how it rubs off, 'cause you know when they're doin' well and, you know, it feels like the city's doin' well. Sometimes when they're not doing as well as they should, you can kinda feel it a little bit. Growing up, how could you not love the Cardinals? Again, I learned how to do a back flip when I was young because of Ozzie Smith," said Nelly.

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