- Police are trying to determine if the Castle Doctrine applies to the homeowner who shot and killed one of the two teens breaking into his house on Eagle Valley Drive Monday morning.

Officers found a dead teenager on the front lawn. The other boy is on the run with a gun.

The homeowner shot the teen because the teen was firing at him.

"Too close for comfort, too close to home, someone getting shot doors down from my house," a neighbor, who identified herself as Cecilia, said. She asked NewsChannel 5 not to use her last name.

She said she's seen the homeowner, who she says is the father of three boys, fire shots in passing. The homeowner's sons go to her daughter's school. Cecilia said she knew her daughter would see the crime scene on her way home from school Monday afternoon.

"I'm going to tell her the truth. Someone got shot," she said.

The Castle Doctrine falls under the self-defense law, according to NewsChannel 5's research. You can defend yourself anywhere if you feel you are at risk under the self-defense law. The Castle Doctrine is more specific. You can defend yourself inside your home or your car if you feel your life is at risk. Officers couldn't tell us if the Eagle Valley Drive shooting happened inside or outside.