BAINBRIDGE, Wash. (KING/CNN) - Getting the first glimpse of your wedding photographs is a thrilling moment for most newlyweds, but a couple that recently tied the knot in Washington state is afraid they'll never get their chance to see those images.

A few days after the wedding thieves broke into the home studio of their photographer, and stole all of her equipment. Among the things that went missing: the memory cards that hold all of Claire Marshall and Mike Messenger's wedding photos.

Claire's mom has asked all of the wedding guests to send in any of the pictures they took on that special day, but she's imploring the thieves to have a heart.

"Those cards mean nothing to whoever has them, and they mean everything to us," said Becky Fox Marshall.

The photographer herself says she doesn't even care about her cameras and equipment, she just wants to get back the memory cards that hold all of those precious photographs.

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