A talented group of St. Louis women know how to strut their stuff at any age. The St. Louis Strutters is a sisterhood.

"It just seems like our group really has that extra sparkle," explained 74-year-old Beverly Chervitz, St. Louis Strutters.

A dozen tap dancers make up the group founded nearly 30 years ago.

"Some friends and I got together and we decided we would love to put in a little time in practicing tap dancing like we did it in the 40's and the 50's, the high kicking and the fancy steps," said 80-year-old Pat Bruder, St. Louis Strutters.

The tapers are best known for their glitzy performances, but the stutters are probably most proud of their work with charities.

"Wherever there's a need the strutters try to fullfill it," said 76-year-old Marcene Tockman, St. Louis Strutters.

You have to be at least 50 years young to try out and you're required to be an advanced dancer.

"Age is just a number," said Chervitz.

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